Assisted Hearing Loop System

Induction Loop Hearing Assist System Active in Auditorium 

Anyone with a compatible device can take advantage of the system simply by activating their switch to the T-coil program. Since the sound is transmitted directly into the device, background noises are eliminated, enhancing sound quality for the listener.  

How to Use the Loop System  

  1. Check with your hearing aid provider to find out if your device is T-coil equipped (it may need to be activated);
  2. When you arrive at the theatre, simply switch your hearing aid or accessory to the T-coil program and enjoy the clear sound quality. Adjust your hearing aid volume as needed.  

The signal travelling to your ear will be modified by your own personal device settings. Those without hearing aids or a T-coil can still benefit from the system by using a portable receiver that hangs around the neck, plugged into personal earbuds or a headset. 

How It Works

The induction loop hearing assist system works in conjunction with telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants to enable persons who use those devices to enjoy a clearer sound 

A signal is transmitted to the assistive devices through a wire that is connected to the sound source and circles the room. The sound is then transmitted directly to the listening device electromagnetically. 

This project was supported by a generous grant from Thunder Bay Community Foundation through the Hannah & Victor Stevenson Fund for Education & Arts Development