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Touring Northwestern Ontario Schools November 2023


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Deep in Simon’s basement, there is a secret world of imagination and adventure. When he invites his new friend Abby over to work on an assignment, Simon quickly steers them towards the theatrical! But Zach, his 13 year old brother, is on high alert because Simon is always acting like a girl. As the three characters battle over their personal conflicts, they improvise a brand new fairy tale about a magic Prince, an evil King, a young girl who’s an ace with a bow and arrow, and a fire-breathing dragon. Can Abigail save Princess Simone from the Tower of Light? Will Zach succeed in turning his brother back into be a boy? And will Simon(e) overcome fear and become their true self? A thoughtful and hilarious new play about our ability to transform.

Curriculum Connections: Language (Oral Communication), Drama, Social Studies, Equity and Inclusive Education

Character Education Connections: Empathy, Respect, Integrity

Themes: Imagination, Friendship, Self-Expression, Gender, Bullying, Identity

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