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How donations can help save you money

Donations to charity reduce federal and provincial taxes in the form of a credit against taxes payable. In Ontario, individuals receive combined federal and provincial tax credits at the rate of approximately 23% on the first $200 of donations in a year, and 48% for donations in excess of $200 in a year.

The system rewards extra giving. The more you give, the larger your tax credit and the less income tax you pay.

Here are some examples of tax savings for a single taxpayer under the age of 65.

Income Level Donation Amount Tax Savings % Tax Savings What Your Donation Really Costs
$30,000 $100 $40 40% $60
$40,000 $500 $200 40% $300
$60,000 $1,000 $420 42% $580
+ $75,000 $5,000 $2,400 48% $2,600