Looking Back at Magnus

Looking Back at Magnus is a new video series that aims to remember and celebrate the people who have been significant in the history of the company. Artistic director Thom Currie hosts a video chat with guests who were there in the early days, from the grassroots beginning in the city’s east end to the ground-breaking move to Waverley Park.

Episode 1: Tibor Feheregyhazi

Thom chats with Rosalie Woloski, the partner of the late Tibor Feheregyhazi, Magnus Theatre's second Artistic Director and a true theatre legend.


Episode 2: Brian Richmond

Thom chats with Brian Richmond, Magnus Artistic Director from 1982 to 1987, who succeeded in creating a national profile for the theatre.


Episode 3: Rebecca Lancaster

Thom chats with Rebecca Lancaster, daughter of Magnus Theatre founder Burton Lancaster.


Episode 4: Jo-Ann Waytowich

Thom chats with local theatre icon Jo-Ann Waytowich, creator of the famed Ivanka character.


Episode 5: Mario Crudo 

Thom speaks with Mario Crudo, the longest-serving Artistic Director in Magnus history.


Coming Soon!

Continuing into the fall, Looking Back at Magnus will feature discussions with former Magnus Theatre Artistic Director Michael McLaughlin as well as insights from Thunder Bay artist Lila Cano about her experiences onstage at Northwestern Ontario's only professional theatre.