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When two young star-crossed lovers lock eyes across a crowded dance floor, their hearts are forever bound. But can their love survive the brutal blood feud that has torn apart their rival families, the Capulets and Montagues? The greatest love story of all time, ROMEO AND JULIET, has captivated audiences and artists for centuries and provided the inspiration for hundreds of films, ballets, operas, novels and the iconic Broadway musical WEST SIDE STORY.

Join us this summer for an unforgettable performance of Shakespeare's timeless classic, ROMEO AND JULIET, under the saddlespan tent! We've designed a stunning traverse layout for the stage, offering a unique and immersive experience where every seat is the best seat in the house.

50/50 Draw

Congratulations to the winner of our latest 50/50 Draw:

Ticket Number: 573

Prize amount: $1230.00

License number: M868941