To be a leader of innovative and relevant live theatre and arts education.


As the professional theatre for diverse audiences of Northwestern Ontario and beyond, Magnus Theatre focuses on engagement and excellence in live theatre and arts education.

At Magnus, we aim to develop and sustain live theatre with integrity and responsibility, while upholding principles of affordability, accessibility, and responsiveness to the community.



Each citizen and community is unique and Magnus strives to offer something for everyone. Through a variety of programming and engagement activities to bring community groups into the theatre or bring theatre out into the community, we strive to be inclusive, accessible, collaborative, and welcoming.


Relationships and communication between and amongst staff, volunteers, patrons, partners, funders, and the environment are based on respect and acceptance.


Magnus Theatre strives for an excellent theatre experience for all.


Our professional, live theatre engages audiences, promotes educational opportunities, supports and encourages playwrights, actions, and directors and builds unique partnerships.