Spread the Love with Every Donation!

This Valentine's Week (Feb. 14 - 21, 2024), your generosity can echo your love for theatre arts. Make a heartfelt difference today—consider a one-time gift or start a monthly donation to Magnus Theatre. Your support nurtures our mission of theatre education and mentorship across Northern Ontario.

Join us in 'Love to Give Week' and make an impact.

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As we embrace the spirit of giving this season with our 'Love to Give' campaign, we're reminded of the profound impact your generosity has on the communities we serve. At Magnus Theatre, your donation does more than support the arts; it transforms lives, especially in underserved areas across Northern Ontario.

Your contributions enable us to reach into the heart of communities often left on the fringes, bringing the magic of theatre to life for students. These initiatives are not just about performances; they are a gateway to engagement, inspiration, and the nurturing of self-confidence among young minds. Through your support, we provide invaluable educational opportunities in the arts, fostering creativity and a sense of belonging among students who might otherwise never experience the transformative power of theatre.

Every dollar you donate helps us extend our reach further, ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to be touched by the arts. Together, we're not just sharing performances; we're igniting dreams and building the foundations for a more inclusive, empowered future.

We wrapped up our 2023 Theatre for Young Audiences Tour in early December! All in all, we performed 29 times for nearly 20 different schools and hundreds of students across an extended three and a half weeks all over Northwestern Ontario.

"Any sort of live theatre is extremely inaccessible to our students, they live quite far from any major center and the surrounding communities lack any sort of prominent theatre group. Getting to see a live performance with professional actors will be a core memory for many of our students, to them it was like magic, they were filled with so much joy!"