Book a workshop through Magnus Theatre for your class or group!  Workshops can be customized to meet your specific needs or you can choose from the following:

Introduction to Drama
Drama games, exercises and improvisation. Workshops are suitable for all levels as an introduction to a drama unit or to advance skills. This is a great way to build teamwork, trust, cooperation, concentration and listening skills in the classroom or workplace.

Fast paced, imaginative and entertaining. Participants develop cooperation, listening and problem solving skills while having fun. They will learn some of the basic skills necessary for successful improvisation, then get to try them out playing popular improv games.

Curriculum Through Drama
Our Theatre in Education Director will work with you to create and deliver lesson plans designed to teach any area of the curriculum through dramatic arts. The possibilities are limitless!

Literacy can be explored through drama in a variety of manners. Some of these include reader’s theatre, poetry for two voices or choral reading, source drama using picture books or your class novel study, and writing in role. Our Theatre in Education Director will work with you to create a workshop that will suit the ability levels of your class and specific themes that you are covering.


This workshop encourages critical thinking, explores healthy solutions and provides a safe space to analyze bullying. Students work with an excerpt from I Met a Bully on the Hill by Martha Brooks and Maureen Hunter to explore the intentions and emotions of the characters, to examine a range of potential outcomes and to find a resolution.

Artistic Staff Series
Artistic staff from a current Magnus production will visit your classroom and discuss their background in the theatre, aspects of the production and answer questions from the students.

Cost of workshops: Please contact us to request a quote. An additional mileage charge applies to any workshop not held at Magnus Theatre.

Workshops held at Magnus may include a tour of the theatre, on stage and behind the scenes.

To book your workshop or for more information, please contact:
Danielle Chandler, Theatre in Education Director

Tel: (807) 345-8033 ext. 231     Email: