Support Magnus

Magnus Theatre is focused on its mission to bring innovative theatrical experiences and engaging arts education programs to Northwestern Ontario. It’s the passion and dedication of our supporters that allows Magnus to stand here today, continuing to share stories, inspire students, and celebrate the transformative power of theatre.  

The majority of Magnus Theatre’s revenues comes from ticket sales, Theatre in Education program fees, rentals, and concessions, but we need your help to continue to grow and increase the economic impact throughout the region and strengthen our role as one of the cultural centres of the region.

Online donations are now accepted through our ticket sales page. Once at the online ticket sales page, click the "Donations" button at the top and enter the required information. 


Additional Ways to Donate: 


E-transfer donations can be sent to [email protected]. Please provide your name and address for processing the donation receipt in the e-transfer message;  

Additionally, all payment types (including cash) can be processed in person at the theatre by appointment   

Cheques can be mailed to Magnus Theatre 

Credit card and visa debit payments can be processed over the phone.



Magnus Theatre is a registered charitable organization. We will issue you a tax receipt for the full value of your donation which you can use to reduce your federal and provincial taxes in the form of a credit against taxes payable.  

In Ontario, individuals receive combined federal and provincial tax credits at the rate of approximately 23% on the first $200 of donations in a year, and 48% for donations in excess of $200 in a year. 

The system rewards extra giving. The more you give, the larger your tax credit and the less income tax you pay.