Magnus Theatre's Commitment To Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

One of Magnus Theatre’s core values is diversity, and we aim to be inclusive in all aspects of our work and programming. While we strive to make equity a priority in our organization, we recognize that the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and persons of colour in the arts sector have often been inequitable.   

We recognize and applaud the transformative power of theatre – its ability to cultivate empathy, deepen understanding, and inspire meaningful change both in the individual and in society at large. We direct our attention toward theatre that contributes to a better, more equitable world. We understand that this effort begins with our own working environment, hiring practises, interpersonal relationships, and community outreach. 

We are committed to advancing racial equality by identifying, addressing, and preventing systemic racism within our organization. We understand the importance of our role as a cultural institution, and we will work toward advancing equitable practices that support Black, Indigenous, and racialized populations.   

We have been listening to the voices of IBPOC artists, staff members, and audiences sharing their experiences working in the arts sector, and we recognize that stories about inequity, exclusion, and both implicit and explicit racism echo throughout the entire country.   

Magnus Theatre is committed to providing an environment free from all forms of harassment, discrimination, and disrespectful behaviour. Magnus Theatre expects and promotes respectful interactions which show regard for the rights, dignity, health, and safety of all. Here at Magnus, we will not tolerate racist acts or racist comments, no matter how subtle or framed in “humour” they may be. We recognize that it is within our power to do better and that we must do better, beyond just what is required by law.   

Magnus Theatre is situated on the traditional lands of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. We also recognize the contributions made to our community by the Métis people. We are grateful to exist on this land, and we are committed to working alongside First Nations communities to ensure that we do not facilitate or unwittingly support the ongoing histories of colonization. We heed the Calls to Action articulated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada .