Theatre Classes

Magnus Theatre in Education is the premiere theatre training facility in the Thunder Bay area. Our classes and masterclasses are taught by professional actors, directors and educators.

Theatre Summer Camps 2024 (Ages 5-18)

Bring your favourite stories to life through imaginative play, introductory acting exercises and simple script reading. We will use our imaginations to bring these stories to life, the power of our bodies and voices to inspire a fairy tale mood and atmosphere, all while grounding our work through fun theatre games and team building activities.

  • Use your body and work with others to bring these storybook worlds to life.
  • Create a prop or costume to bring your character to life on stage.
  • Use your voice and live sound effects to create magical soundscapes.
  • We wrap everything up on the final day with a performance of the work we have created.

Information for you to know:

  • July 8 – July 12 from 9AM – 4PM
  • Showcase Performances on Friday July 12 @ 3:30PM

Immerse yourself in the world of espionage, learning acting skills through spy-themed scenes and activities! You’ll create your own character and develop the tools you will need to bring this exciting world to life on stage.

  • Learn how we tell stories and the characters who drive them forward.
  • Develop your own character and embark on a dynamic journey.
  • Create props and costumes to help bring your character to life.
  • Everything comes together with a showcase performance for friends and family.

Information for you to know:

  • July 15 – July 19 from 9AM – 4PM
  • Showcase Performances on Friday July 19 @ 3:30PM

Take a journey to a make-believe island! Act out adventures, invent characters and engage in group storytelling. Work together to escape the mysterious island whilst developing your creativity, imagination, and confidence. Join us this Summer for a fun exploration of theatrical skills with a narrative twist!

  • Learn how to bring scenes to life using your body and voice.
  • Create your toolkit to escape the island!
  • Bring the best out of your imagination with exciting theatre techniques such as Hot Seating.
  • Act out scenes and scenarios using your very own original character in our final showcase performance!

Information for you to know:

  • July 22 – July 26 from 9AM – 4PM
  • Showcase Performances on Friday July 26 @ 3:30PM

Combine History and Theatre and explore different time periods through acting exercises set in real historical eras. Explore different types of theatre and performances from throughout history, with each day taking a trip into a different era! Explore theatre’s origins in Ancient Greece, learn clowning through Italian Commedia and dive into Medieval morality plays.

  • Use your body and your voice to create dynamic and interesting characters.
  • Expand your acting toolkit with exciting new types of acting.
  • Explore different drama techniques from across history.
  • Pick your favourite era and create your own showcase performance set in that time period.

Information for you to know:

  • July 29 – Aug 2 from 9AM – 4PM
  • Showcase Performances on Friday Aug 2 @ 3:30PM

Use your craft and acting skills to create and perform with puppets, learning the fundamentals of storytelling and performance. We will use all our key acting skills, body, voice and movement, to bring a range of different puppet characters to life, all while grounding our work through fun theatre games and team building activities.

  • Experiment with your body and voice and learn how to work as a puppeteer!
  • Use your crafting skills to create a puppet of your own.
  • Learn about the different types of puppetry and how to bring puppet characters to life on stage.
  • We wrap everything up on the final day with a puppetry performance at the theatre.

Information for you to know:

  • Aug 12 – Aug 16 from 9AM – 4PM
  • Showcase Performances on Friday Aug 16 @ 3:30PM

This two-week camp sees students focus on the works of William Shakespeare as they work together to put on a production of Macbeth. Working as a company of actors, students will work collaboratively and individually to examine different aspects of working with a script, creating a character, and making positive choices in the rehearsal room. Each day focuses on a new way to unlock the words of Shakespeare and how we bring life to this iconic script.

Students will immerse themselves in every element of playmaking from casting and learning lines to making simple design choices, all towards putting on a performance of Macbeth on the Magnus Theatre Outdoor Stage. The perfect, creative way to end the summer.

This course is open to everyone, whether you have performed before or are thinking about exploring the world of live performance for the first time.

Information for you to know:

  • August 19 - August 30 from 9AM-4PM
  • Performances on Friday August 30th @ 12PM & 6PM