Possibilities of Dialogue


interactive dance piece

July 21 & 22 @7:30PM

Inspired by the parallels between making a dance and having a conversation, Possibilities of Dialogue is an abstraction of a collaborative creative process; with moments of listening, curiosity, disagreement and spontaneity unfolding through movement and text.


Choreography and Performance

David Norsworthy and Marielis Garcia


Brad Wentworth, Noah Malcolm

Lighting Design/Technical Director

Gabriel Cropley


JoAnna Shaw, Andrea Roberts, Michael Caldwell, Peter Kyle

Outside Eye

Francesca Chudnoff


As a choreographic duo, David Norsworthy and Marielis Garcia are inspired by the inherent and inevitable incompleteness of process. Driven by choreographic questions and philosophical curiosities, they seek to undo the conventions of dance performance by cultivating unique situations that invite contemplation and connection. They believe their primary responsibility is to engage communities in artistic experiences.